Fwd: How juju work with openstack using keystone?

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Date: 2012/2/9
Subject: Re: How juju work with openstack using keystone?
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     Thanks for your answer,it helps me much.But when I using openstack
Essex-3 ,I find  default-image-id  disappeared,and i use image name for
change, unfortunately , it doesn't work well. In this condition, Juju tries
to boot the master node which run zookeeper but failed.
     Is there any changes in environments.yaml needed to connect  Juju and
Essex? Thank your help.

2012/1/28 Adam Gandelman <adamg at canonical.com>

>  On 12/02/2011 07:09 PM, yu wang wrote:
> Is there any doc about How juju work with openstack using keystone?
> The parameters in environment.yaml confused me.
> Thanks very much!
> Hi-
> This is long over due, but Juju with Openstack+Keystone is pretty straight
> forward.
> Instead of obtaining your EC2 credentials from 'nova-manage project
> zipfile', you create EC2 credentials per tenant on the keystone server:
> keystone-manage credentials add some_tenant EC2 myec2accesskey
> supersecretkey
> And then use these in your Juju environments.yaml:
> juju: environments
>   openstack:
>     type: ec2
>     control-bucket: openstack-bucket
>     admin-secret: fooooooo
>     access-key: myec2accesskey
>     secret-key: supersecretkey
>     ec2-uri:  http://nova.api.server:8773/services/Cloud
>     s3-uri: http://nova.api.server:3333
>     ec2-key-name: keypairname
>     default-image-id: ami-00000004
>     default-series: precise
> Adam
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