Juju-Jitsu - The island of misfit scripts

Clint Byrum clint at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 3 20:45:54 UTC 2012

Hey everybody. I've had a TODO for a while to start a project to help
gather all of the extra helper stuff that people have been writing
to enhance the juju experience, but that aren't part of juju's core
functionality, and aren't part of charm development.

I went ahead and threw the wrappers and helpers that I've written into
a project called Juju-Jitsu.


I'd like to invite anybody else who has experimental stuff to consider
putting these things into juju-jitsu.

I've invited a few members of ~charmers to join the project, and the
~juju team as well. I'd like to make sure that we do not just import
*everything* here. We should be pushing anything that is clearly a basic
primitive need into juju core, and anything that has to do with charm
development into charm-tools.

What I do want to see is fringe stuff, like the gource output (in there
already), or Juan's capistrano file generator.

The layout, the access method, etc, are all up for discussion. Right
now I just have a sub-commands directory and a wrapper script for the
sub-commands, much like charm-tools.

I understand that the 'wrap-juju' command may be a bit controversial, as
it means while wrapped, people can type 'juju any-juju-jitsu-subcommand
...' and it will work. This is just an idea I had a long time ago that
I put in here. NOTHING is set in stone for juju-jitsu, and its not yet
a package or even installable, just a branch, so that we can play around
with the ideas before settling on how this will work.

Happy hacking!

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