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Tue Apr 24 04:59:42 UTC 2012

A few passing thoughts before we move on hopefully without bike shedding or
fueling others to ...

>I'm glad to have everyone around this table that we do.
*And to take advantage of that ...*
*+1's all around. ( details on what exactly I like and dont at the end ) *
*Excellent work on something that could be debated for years*.
*Feel free to ignore the rest as its not 100% thought out all the way, or *
*much at all, but just something I didn't want overlooked even if "nothing"
is the answer.*

I have one small question, as I've just now caught up on this thread
reading the complete thing over the last hour I may have missed if this was
touched on at all and please forgive me if it has, but I just want to bring
up the semi corner case of releases outside of Ubuntu,
what immediately comes to mind is like where I've "packaged" up juju into a
brew forumla ( similar but distinctly diff to a  BSD "port" ) for OS X,
where its not really an "official" release but its also (1) the same code
base identically ( at the moment ) no patches etc required , but I can see
times where this may not always be the case even if myself being a
ubuntu developer etc for say Win32 or other platforms (2) not really
supported but if seeded with like my builds and a few others with good
practices we can hope they will be adopted by others not if, but when they
decide to put juju on a Commodore64 :P

I dont think the team/community should worry a lot about it or that it can
easily be enforced if at all anyhow and certainly without much more effort
than would be missed in other areas quickly. But while were're on the
subject and have a real world example fresh in our thoughts any
"suggestions" on I guess would only be best practices but uniquely able to
be applied uniformly at this early stage and I'd much appreciate the time
taken.  And if not and we just want let anything "unofficial" just not
register at all thats totally fine too as I just wanted to get it infront
of everyones eyes when its easy for us to have horse blinders on only
looking at our fav platform :)
For whats its worth the current Brew forumla of juju is *"Juju
0.5.531"*that corresponds to "
*Juju 0.5+bzr531"* , but it was totally without thought and before reading
this thread when the version was pushed "live"

My opinions, a.k.a. What I like and dont from previous suggestions ( all
have their merits ) ---
+1 on what seems to be a very sane scheme and personally one I use for my
( albeit very few ) solo projects after seeing it work well on the meta
scale of the Linux Kernel when it adopted the current  official
versioning  scheme,
e.g   mostly 3 octets ( remember you can go above .9 ladies and gents ) +
even/odd  stable/dev + numerals in octets only with just an optional
unchanging "flag" if you will, at the end of say +dev or  ~still-cooking,
or to warn off adventurers maybe .dragons ... whatever it may be, but as
mentioned above by others, I've as well seen far too many people and
documentation come to rely on the +bzr-1978Dec19 or
+svn19781219 revisions or more like snapshots really IMHO. lets try not to
feed that if possible.  ---

Mmmm, now where did I set my beer;
*Brandon Holtsclaw*
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