Bootstrap scheme for Go port

roger peppe roger.peppe at
Mon Apr 23 11:51:36 UTC 2012

On 23 April 2012 07:53, Kapil Thangavelu <kapil.thangavelu at> wrote:
>> This is the grand plan. Roger has some good progress on the ssh
>> proxying front that we're still looking at, so I propose we start by
>> implementing C & D this/next week.
> Looks great, we need this. Two comments though, since the version is
> effectively the same through the cluster (minus errors) what do we gain by not
> just using a single integer ala charms, ie. even minor version code drift is
> potentially problematic.

I *think* we can deal with minor version drift by changing the zk schema
in backwardly (and forwardly) compatible ways. We've discussed
on IRC some possible techniques for at least some automated
compatibility testing.

Given at least some flexibility about version compatibility, I think
semantic versions could make sense.

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