juju blueprints for Q

Mark Mims mark.mims at canonical.com
Fri Apr 20 17:19:05 UTC 2012

brainstorming additional blueprints for Q... please add to this list:

- juju-charmstore-maintenance
   (maintaining and reviewing charms)

- juju-intelligent-infrastructure
   (auto-xxx-ing... the juju-based brain)

- juju-integration
   (playing nicely with others... adoption/migration)

- juju-service-stacks
   (how does juju help manage stacks of related services)

- juju-charm-unit-tests
   (including tests within each charm)

Let's discuss early next week to get real blueprints submitted.

Mark Mims, Ph.D.
Canonical Ltd.
mark.mims at canonical.com

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