Environment settings

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at niemeyer.net
Wed Sep 21 19:56:14 UTC 2011

> Sounds good to me! I was hoping the series handling could be unified with our> existing provider config, which will need multi-user handling anyways.

> So currently the environment is composed almost entirely of provisioning agent
> options and with the security work, this node becomes unreadable to any other
> agent types. The debug-log setting is separate and will need to continue
> to be so because it needs to be readable by every agent. So regardless of the
> cli exposed, the internal implementation will need to be a different node.

Aren't the environment settings pretty much all public and "boring"?
debug-log doesn't seem to be the exception there.. we should probably
invert the logic and put the things that need security into a secured
node, which I believe are just the AWS credentials today, right?

> this cli syntax is interesting, i'm wondering if we should also adopt it
> for service config (ensemble set).. which currently doesn't have any options to
> show the schema (possible options) or current settings.. for oneiric +1.

Yeah, maybe juju config --set, etc?

Gustavo Niemeyer

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