11.10 beta2 due Thursday (9/22), status for upload to Ubuntu

Clint Byrum clint at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 21 00:25:38 UTC 2011

I'm beginning to prepare the final Freeze Exception request for
Ensemble/Juju in Ubuntu 11.10. So far the only major feature that I see
that has hit trunk since r336 is actually the rename to juju.

The openstack fixes are just that, fixes, so they don't even require
feature freeze exceptions.

Local dev seems to have started to enter the trunk and looks to be
largely in review at this point. The refactors readying the trunk for
that can be seen as a feature, so it needs mentioning even if it doesn't
get completely done.

All of the things depending on golang are in an entirely different branch,
so I'm not sure what is ready or is not, or even how to incorporate
that into the package. Will the juju repository work be available as a
package at all?

Anyway, I'd like to have a couple of days to test with the version
we'd like to see in Ubuntu 11.10, including a few days where there's
no changes landing in trunk so we can fix them and ship whats there. I
was hoping that the features would all be landed by 9/22 so I can file
the freeze exception and upload juju to the archive by 9/27. This would
give us 2 days to find any critical bugs before final freeze, which is
mostly symbolic for us, but also represents the time where really all
eyes should be focused on testing the release and especially on bug
triage to sniff out any last minute show stoppers.

So, with that said, what I need is a "go now" signal from juju devs,
so I don't upload too early, missing some nearly done feature, and so I
don't wait too long, missing an opportunity for more testing. What would
be even better is just to plan on a time and if that time is missed,
so be it, that feature is missed.

Thanks everybody!

p.s. It would be most excellent to sync up the upload to Ubuntu with the
upload to macports, so that we can make sure the versions are the same.

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