Ensemble gets some Juju! <non-html>

Robbie Williamson robbie at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 14 14:34:19 UTC 2011

The project with working title Ensemble, will make its first release
under the name Jujuas part of Ubuntu 11.10’s Universe collection of
packages.  We will have a series of planned 11.10 Stable Release Updates
for Juju throughout the push to 12.04 LTS, which will mark the first
enterprise release of the product.

Juju is the word for “magic” in the same African languages from which
the term Ubuntu comes.  Formulas will become charms(such magic is
conducted with charms) and Principia will become the Charm Collection.

Why the name change?

While we liked the sophistication and refinement that went along with
the name “Ensemble”, we were struggling to find a cohesive link between
the tool itself, “formulas” for deployment, and “Principia” (the shared
collection of formulas we want to grow a community around).  All three
were great names by themselves, but when combined didn’t connect well as
a whole.  First we considered going for a more music focused theme, with
formulas becoming “collaborations” “chords” or “sheets” for example.
 However, given there’s already the Ubuntu Orchestra project, we felt
like we might be taking the music theme too far, plus we were already
having confusion around the two because of the name similarities.  So we
decided to go with something that had a bit of excitement and “punch” to
it, that could also represent the same fun we’ve found folks having when
using our project.  We figured it should represent the complexities and
mystery that often surround those skilled in the DevOps field, and be
something that played on the same "u" sound and etymology as Ubuntu.
 Thus, "Juju" was born!

When will the change happen?

Immediately!  We’ve already created juju.ubuntu.com
<http://juju.ubuntu.com/>, with a redirect from ensemble.ubuntu.com
<http://ensemble.ubuntu.com/>in place.  We also have the irc channel
#juju reserved on freenode, and will soon rename the mailing list to
juju at lists.ubuntu.com <mailto:juju at lists.ubuntu.com>. Over the next
week, we’ll update documentation, the associated Launchpad projects and
teams, the code itself, and update the packages in Oneiric.  Everything
will be done and ready for testing in the Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 release.
 We’ll follow that up with updating the charms and will make new
cloud.ubuntu.com <http://cloud.ubuntu.com/>related screencasts where
feasible.  For the record nothing else is changing, but the naming...the
code and formulas will behave the same.

If you run into any problems or having any questions, please send them
to me or post to ensemble at lists.ubuntu.com.

Robbie Williamson <robbie at ubuntu.com>
On behalf of the Juju development team

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