absolute new on juju and would like some info

Clint Byrum clint at ubuntu.com
Fri Oct 21 20:03:44 UTC 2011

Excerpts from Rob Bosch's message of Fri Oct 21 12:14:36 -0700 2011:
> Hello Gustav,
> Thanks for your reply, but no, itś not landscape I am looking for. I am 
> more looking for a solution to manage clients (pc's, laptops etc) from a 
> central management console or server.
> Now I read about juju in combination with orchestra. At first glance it 
> looks like an option to deploy, update and administer client pc's with 
> said combination of services.
> I hope this makes things a bit clearer. If I am totally off and 
> orchestra/juju is NOT going to do the trick, please say so.. :)

Heh, this is kind of out of left field for us, as Juju is really more
about managing services, but maybe it has emergent properties we can

You could certainly write a charm which encompasses all of your
client needs, and then make charms for zentyal managed services
that you can relate them to (so juju add-relation accounting-clients

The things you'd run into, off the top of my head:

* Juju's orchestra provider has no way to distinguish between servers
and clients. So you'd have to carefully manage how you rolled things
out, never having servers listed as "available" in cobbler (orchestra's
provisioning piece) when deploying clients, and vice-versa.

* Amongst juju's production limiting bugs is that  you cannot reboot
machines. Definitely have to solve that one before this is going to work.

Its certainly an interesting idea, and I'd be quite curious to hear if you
are able to get a prototype charm going that deploys an Ubuntu desktop and
relates it to normal business services. :)

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