r398 uploaded and awaiting ubuntu-release team approval

Clint Byrum clint at ubuntu.com
Sun Oct 9 19:53:49 UTC 2011

Hi everybody. Just an FYI that I've just uploaded what should be the final
release version of Juju for 11.10, which is revision 398. When it lands
do remember to update your environments.yaml to have default-series:
oneiric, and also change juju-branch: to juju-origin. Any automated
scripts will also need to be updated to use 'local:$charm_name' instead
of just '$charm_name'. If you see that 'store.juju.ubuntu.com' is not
resolvable, that is because local: is no longer the default charm source.

If you'd like to track the freeze exception's status, it is here:


Thanks to the Juju dev team for pushing so hard, this is really exciting

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