watch out for architecture dependent charms

Mark Mims mark.mims at
Wed Nov 30 16:16:55 UTC 2011

Just a note for charm-craft (writing, reviewing, and testing)... ran 
across an architecture-dependent bug while reviewing a charm.  No real 
surprise... the charm downloads binary bits.

Charm authors/reviewers, please watch out for such things.

Our automated test framework should at least tag charms according to 
which architectures they pass tests against. (?)

While reviewing, I typically put together the simplest stack script 
that'll give the charm a basic workout, then spin this up in lxc if it's 
small enough and ec2 if that works.  That's ok for review, but automated 
testing's gotta catch more to maintain a working set of charms over time.

Mark Mims, Ph.D.
Canonical Ltd.
mark.mims at

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