Status of splitting off docs?

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Mon Nov 28 18:29:54 UTC 2011


It was my understanding at UDS that we were going to split the docs
from core juju soonish and I was wondering how we're coming along with
that. I ask because right now we need to update stuff and:

- Right now it's impossible for community contributors to contribute
to because we have enabled HTML and we want to limit
access for security reasons. (Though I think I might have found a way
to ACL it but I need to consult IS).
- Asking someone who wants to update some docs to pull juju and submit
a branch as if they were contributing code is a bit heavy weight,
especially now where we have multiple new people banging on things and
we want to capture the pain points and make that process smoother.


Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.

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