Do we need charm "snippets"?

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Tue Nov 22 21:14:41 UTC 2011

Today Mark Mims and I were discussing how to help George sort out his
mail requirement for the thinkup charm:


Right now I am helping him find how to use debconf to just set up
postfix to send mail. It doesn't need to be a full charm, just a
"snippet" to do what it needs. But what about the next LAMP charm that
needs something similar?

Similarly, Marco does a install_steam function here:

that grabs an upstream binary but does sha1sum check for the binary.
If I were to make a similar charm I would really want to steal that
specific part. Ditto for things like "grab this specific thing from
github, but default to the packaged ubuntu version", and so on.

We already know that sharing charms is very useful and a great part
about juju. Should we be investigating documenting snippets of best
practices as well? Mark was thinking something along the lines of
libcharmtools-bash, libcharmtools-python, and so on.


Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.

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