Office Hours and our first online Charm School

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Mon Nov 21 22:28:06 UTC 2011

Hi juju'ers,

2 things for you today.

We have a due out on when we're going to keep "Office Hours" in #juju
to answer questions. So far it seems we're doing a great job answering
questions, but I'd like to formalize it a little bit so I can say
something like "If you ask between 1600 and 1900UTC you will get a
response reasonably quickly, otherwise send it to the list". We need
to account for Europe and the Americas but I didn't want to complicate
it so I was thinking this for coverage:

1600 UTC Europeans
1700 UTC Europeans / East Coast USA
1800 UTC West Coast USA / East Coast USA
1900 UTC West Coast USA

What do we mean by "office hours"? Basically, if someone has a
question on IRC you are responsive, but it's not like you sit there
all day doing nothing ("I couldn't land my tests, I was on IRC duty!"
won't fly). You might just respond by pasting in links, or handling
charm reviews or to take the time to explain to someone who is stuck

Like I said so far we've been doing well so I don't want to make it
seem like some kind of rigorous schedule but this should add some

Next up, I think we need to do a Charm School online since we've had
like 4-5 new people joining us writing charms and we need to start
having these on at least a monthly basis. Unless anyone has any
concerns I'd like to shoot for 2 December at 1500 for one in #juju.

I need 2 volunteers to field the questions after I do an intro and all

After the holidays I'll set something repeatable and probably
alternate between Europe and America, if we get demand for other time
zones we'll just do them as we need them.


Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.

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