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On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 9:45 PM, Mark Shuttleworth
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> On 11/11/11 22:41, Michael Nelson wrote:
>> Thanks Sidnei! Yes, it's a nice example of using a juju config to
>> deploy a django development server for a branch.
> This is a great win; and worth promoting as well as adopting in
> Canonical wherever we use Django (which is plenty).
>> I'd be interested to see how much is involved to have an Apache+django
>> wsgi app charm that uses our IS's standard setup (possibly using the
>> same puppet modules to setup machine states etc.), and can be related
>> to an haproxy service etc. Let me know if you'll be looking into that
>> (or Gustavo, if anyone else will be) - if not, I'll try to get some
>> time to do so.
> No need to push internal Canonical habits on the rest of the world, and
> I suspect those internal deployment patterns are changing quickly in any
> event. Let's see if we can make this work nicely for IS with pure juju,
> or using puppet solely for its DSL and config file smarts.

Yep - the puppet-for-DSL is what I meant. I didn't mean to imply
pushing Canonical habits, just
 * creating a charm that is deploy-able (ie. Using an Apache +
mod_wsgi setup rather than django's built-in development server [1],
with the option of relating to haproxy or similar if desired)
 * using puppet as the DSL for setting up the machine state - and
where possible, learning/benefiting from the knowledge embedded in
IS's standard setup. I did think that *if* it's possible to benefit
from some of our IS's puppet modules (ie. their Apache module) after
stripping out dependencies on a puppet master (mostly 'file'
resources) that could be helpful, but yes, without adopting
canonical-specific habits (I've only scanned a few of the modules so
far, so don't know if that would be possible).


[1] I'd done a recipe a while back that isn't configurable, but does a
Django Apache+mod_wsgi relating to a pgsql service based on Mark Mimms
great examples
, but I wouldn't consider it deployable yet either, and the
puppet-as-dsl would make the hooks soo much nicer :)

> Mark

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