basic juju/ec2 questions

Clint Byrum clint at
Mon Nov 14 17:58:50 UTC 2011

Excerpts from Mathieu Lonjaret's message of Sat Nov 12 06:46:03 -0800 2011:
> Hi,
> I'm a newbie with both juju and amazon and I have a few basic questions.
> At the moment I'm just playing with juju, while following the documentation
> and trying things out.


> My first question is, (with the first ec2 configuration example given here
> at
> which point am I starting to use the ec2, and hence, I suppose, paying for
> it? after issueing 'juju bootstrap' or after 'juju deploy ...' ?

juju bootstrap starts an instance to run juju's provisioning agent on, and to
run the Zookeeper service that serves as the coordination service for juju
agents. So that is when you start paying for EC2.

Note that if you have a recent release of Ubuntu (11.10 recommended, but it
should work on 11.04 with our PPA version of LXC), you can use the local
provider and just run lxc containers on your local box rather than pay for

> Similarly, the tutoral says to issue 'juju destroy-environment' when I'm
> done. But say I'm done for the day and just want to continue the next day
> from where I was; isn't there a way to kindof freeze everything and start
> things back where I left them, instead of having to recreate everything?

destroy-environment means you are destroying your whole environment,
including all the data on the machines.

There is a bug for tracking the feature you desire, which is to
import/export a running environment:

Though note that that will also not handle the data on the nodes, just
the configuration you've put into the environment.

For now your best bet is to keep your bash history and repeat the commands
the next day. A lot of us do this by just writing a little deploy script

juju deploy foo
juju deploy bar
juju add-relation foo bar
juju set foo x="baz"

Then just do the bootstrap/destroy-environment manually.

> Sorry if it sounds silly/naive...

Not at all, it sounds like you really want to use juju, which is something
we hope more and more people will want do. Keep the good suggestions coming.

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