An opportunity for JuJu - django deployment

Michael Nelson michael.nelson at
Fri Nov 11 15:57:39 UTC 2011 (found via nigelb)

"Each of us has the ability to greatly effect the future of the
framework we all love so much. We have the ability to influence the
newest generation of sites that power the internet. We need to
collectively decide to show our fellow developers the light, and
remove the confusion that exists around deployment."

The article is worth reading - it highlights the exact need for which
juju is a solution (afaict)...

...and leaves me feeling someone should drop their current team tasks
for a few weeks and push forward with a charm for deploying
apache+django services (relating to HAproxy, pgsql, memcached etc.)
setup the right way from the start (ie. using all the standards our IS
team use for deploys - re-using the puppet modules in some way) :-P.
If we could show the django community how easy deployment could be
with juju - even if it wouldn't be production ready until 12.04, it
could be a huge boost.

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