Developer notes for the PPAs

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo.niemeyer at
Mon May 30 20:48:42 UTC 2011

Hi again,

These notes are not so interesting for _using_ the packages that are
being built in the PPA, but rather for the developers maintaining

As a side effect from the PPA integration work, we have a few new branches
and a few new meanings to previous branches, as follows.


    This branch holds the vanilla code from ZooKeeper upstream, with .jar
    and .orig files removed.


    This branch holds a copy of the vendor branch, plus the debian/
    directory.  We're not supposed to touch the content outside the debian/
    directory in this branch.  When releasing a new upstream package,
    update zookeeper-vendor, and then merge it here.  When patching the
    code locally, add a patch under debian/.  The goal of these rules is
    to make integration into Ubuntu easier.

    This branch will be automatically built daily if any changes are made
    through the recipe at:


    These two branches have the same semantics of the zookeeper branches
    above, but for the txaws project.  So, upstream changes go straight
    onto txaws-vendor, txaws-package gets debian/, no further changes
    outside debian/ there.  The recipe is at:


    The case of ensemble and txzookeeper is slightly different because we
    are the upstreams of these projects, so to avoid having unnecessary
    overhead maintaining these, the recipes for daily builds are connected
    straight to their respective trunk branches:

    As Clint correctly noted, having the debian/ directory next to the
    source code is generally discouraged, but for the moment, while these
    packages are not integrated into Ubuntu, this shouldn't create any
    further difficulties and it makes maintenance quite practical to us,
    so we can go with that for now.  When that becomes a problem, we can
    easily revisit the choice and have something closer to the prevoius

Gustavo Niemeyer

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