Creating the principia distribution

Francis J. Lacoste francis.lacoste at
Fri May 20 19:13:54 UTC 2011

Hi folks,

Last week at UDS, we discussed using a Launchpad distribution to track 
development (branches and bugs) of Ensemble formulas. 

Instead of putting everything in the principia project, sourcepackage in that 
context would be a formula. That allows per formula bug and branches, while 
maintaining the relationship amonst them in the "Principa" distribution.

Using distributions in that way will raise some bugs in Launchpad. We will 
iron out the experience as we find them.

Off the start, we already know about two important ones: - this is the one
about creating source package names which act as components in the
bugtracker. - this is about
making it possible to file bugs even though soyuz isn't being used.

There is a work-around for the first one (upload an empty package to a PPA 
with the wanted sourcepackage name). And since most of the existing formulas 
reuse the name of the Ubuntu package (haproxy, mediawiki, etc.), the impact of 
the second one is also limited currently.

Nonetheless, these two bugs were escalated and will be taken care of by our 
maintenance squads shortly.

So unless there are objections, I'd like to rename the existing principia 
project to principa-old and deactivate it. I would create a new distribution 
called 'principia' (with the same owner). We should then upload branches for 
the existing formulas. 

Objections, comments?

Francis J. Lacoste
francis.lacoste at
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