Principia and formulas that use software from outside of Ubuntu

Elliot Murphy elliot at
Mon Jun 13 15:46:39 UTC 2011

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 11:21 AM, Clint Byrum <clint at> wrote:
> I think we should draw a line somewhere and only include formulas, by
> default, that use software from Ubuntu directly. This isn't for Ubuntu's
> benefit, but for the user's. They get security updates, software that
> is guaranteed to be free, etc. etc.
> But maybe there is a way we can include these formulas in an optional
> repository.  The utility of the drush formula in particular is that it
> deploys Drupal the way Upstream recommends, and does actually get you
> upstream's security fixes. Meanwhile, not including this at all means it
> may not get the integration testing with things like mysql and memcached.
> If we don't like the optional repository idea, another option is that
> we could possibly bless certain sources of non-Ubuntu software according
> to a few sets of rules.

I think the key here is going to be how you define "by default". I understand
the guarantees that using packages from the official Ubuntu archive
provides. Those
guarantees are valuable in many cases, and a roadblock in other cases.

In the work done in the web operations team at Canonical we frequently
need to deploy
web applications from version control or other non-packaged sources. Based on
discussions I've had with folks at PyCon, Erlang Factory, and the
mailing list I think this use case is both common and essential. I'd like to
see it be a first-class citizen in Ensemble with official formulas
that deploy from
version control or non-ubuntu archives (PPA, etc) in the way that
upstream recommends.
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