Principia and formulas that use software from outside of Ubuntu

Clint Byrum clint at
Mon Jun 13 15:21:03 UTC 2011

I've received two formula contributions (thanks Ahmed and Serge) that
pull in software from places other than the Ubuntu archive during the
install hook.

The first is this excellent jenkins formula:

Which uses the Jenkins PPA.

The second uses Drupal's 'drush' utility to download the latest drupal
(sorry Ahmed I've misplaced the link to your formula).

I think we should draw a line somewhere and only include formulas, by
default, that use software from Ubuntu directly. This isn't for Ubuntu's
benefit, but for the user's. They get security updates, software that
is guaranteed to be free, etc. etc.

But maybe there is a way we can include these formulas in an optional
repository.  The utility of the drush formula in particular is that it
deploys Drupal the way Upstream recommends, and does actually get you
upstream's security fixes. Meanwhile, not including this at all means it
may not get the integration testing with things like mysql and memcached.

If we don't like the optional repository idea, another option is that
we could possibly bless certain sources of non-Ubuntu software according
to a few sets of rules.

Blessing something makes me immediately jump to the fact that we aren't
signing bzr commits to principia, which we should probably do since we
don't have .changes or .dsc files.


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