Ensemble on its way into the Ubuntu Archive...

Clint Byrum clint at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 13 12:54:48 UTC 2011

Just an FYI, I've uploaded txzookeeper and Ensemble packages to Oneiric.

They're awaiting review by an archive admin, as all purely new packages
are reviewed for correctness and license appropriateness.

The daily build PPA may need to be tweaked a bit, as the bzr revision
was setup to be in the "distro" portion of the version, instead of the
upstream part, where it must be. So the version I've uploaded is


Which will be higher than *all* bzr revisions in the daily build PPA,
which go


I'd suggest that the PPA follow the +revno versioning scheme, with the
~distroseries tacked on making it automatically give way for official
packages of the same bzr revision.

If nobody has objections to that, I'll change the builder recipes today.

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