Principia/Ensemble progress on Launchpad?

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo.niemeyer at
Fri Jun 10 16:19:35 UTC 2011

> Francis will answer that :)

Ok. :-)

>> One of these would also be interesting, as we debated before, but we
>> can more easily work around it in case it doesn't get done:
> Why do you want this one? It's a web UI issue. Programmatically, 'bzr
> export whatever.tar.gz lp:whatever' works.

I think we discussed this one during UDS.  Indeed it's a UI issue for
now, and bzr export works, which is what I meant by we can more easily
workaround in case it doesn't get done.  That said, we don't have the
user credentials at hand for doing the "bzr export".  If this gets
integrated we won't have to change it later to handle authentication
issues, which would be fantastic.

Gustavo Niemeyer

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