Principia formula guidelines

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo.niemeyer at
Mon Jun 6 22:30:42 UTC 2011

> I've created a wiki page detailing what I think are the important points
> to start enabling formula contributors, as I've had a few "hey can I
> get my formula into Principia" requests from people so far.

This looks great!

It might be good to have an extra step before 5 there for creating the
formula directory, just because it may not be immediately obvious what
"your formula root" is yet given the context.

Also, a pair of links into the documentation might be helpful to
provide hints of what the metadata is, how to create the hooks, etc.

Re. Hooks should be idempotent, this is going to make people wonder.
We may need some secondary explanation about why it is there and how
to achieve it.

Great stuff, thanks!

Gustavo Niemeyer

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