Review queue needs continued love

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Jul 27 00:57:24 UTC 2011

On 27 July 2011 06:20, Gustavo Niemeyer <gustavo.niemeyer at> wrote:
> Hey Rob,
>> Have you looked at bzr's patch pilot process? A variant of that is
>> being used by Ubuntu now, and Launchpads review rotation process is
>> similar too in some ways.
> Thanks for the reference, I hadn't heard of it before.  It feels a lot
> like Launchpad's rotation process indeed, which might help us.  The
> review hour scheme we had in Landscape also worked well for us at the
> time, and might be another possibility.

There's a description of it in <>.

I would say the differences with Launchpad's rotation process are:
 * The on-call reviewer with help if you ask them on irc; the pilot
will proactively go out and find proposals or bugs to help with.  For
new contributors who don't know to ask this makes a big difference.
 * ... also, the OCR only helps with people who ask during their
working hours, which means they seem to be often not accessible to
people in other timezones; the pilot will gather up work that's
arrived when they start.
 * I think the GTD concept of going through the queue and trying to
resolve things so that the queue empties is more scalable and better
for new contributors, and a bit stronger when the process is seen as
pp rather than ocr.


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