What's core juju up to?

Jorge O. Castro jorge at ubuntu.com
Mon Dec 19 16:54:52 UTC 2011

aka. "juju status juju".

We haven't really done a status report since UDS, and when we did them
in the past they were mostly translations of the changelog into
something understandable. I'd like to a more "macro" view of what juju
is up to so I think we should work on a quick status review.

I've made this page here with some started sections, if those of you
working on those sections could fill in a few bullet on what you're
working on that would be awesome:


I've added some sections of things I think are interesting/important,
but please do add a section on what you're working on and how it's
coming along. And I'd also like to see where you plan on taking the
thing you're working on in the New Year as we come up on 12.04 so if
you can include that that would be great. I'm not looking for a novel,
just some bullet points or a few sentences on how you're coming along.

I would like to publish this status on cloud.ubuntu.com, so high level
is preferred over nitpicky technical details. If you're working on
something that affects charm authors do mention that too, as we can
use this as a place to point charmers to when they ask when we'll get
feature foo over the next cycle.

If any one has any questions feel free to ping me here or in IRC.

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.

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