Triggering relation events?

Nick Barcet nick.barcet at
Sat Dec 17 17:24:39 UTC 2011


I've been having fun during my week of vacation contributing a few 
charms and a ch_peer_copy function for charm-helpers [1] which allowed 
me to automatically copy the certificates and des_key that are in the 
"leader" unit of roundcube to all the other units [2].  This works great 
and shows the power of peer relations, but brings a small question:

Let's imagine that at some point in the future I need to update this 
certificate (let's say, when it expires).  I can upload the new certs to 
the machine using 'juju scp'.  I can update the configuration of my 
units using 'juju set'. My problem is how do I trigger a change even on 
all the peer relations so that the certificates are copied again?  I 
could not find any way to force an event in the doc.  Maybe I am taking 
the wrong approach to this?



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