New release of lbox

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo.niemeyer at
Mon Dec 12 22:26:50 UTC 2011

A new release of lbox is just leaving the oven. To install it, run:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gophers/go
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install lbox

Changes in this release:

- New submit subcommand.

  This subcommand may be run from within a local branch to get it merged
  onto the target branch pointed out by its merge proposal. The merge
  proposal description will be used as the commit message when
  committing, and the branch author will be used with the --author flag
  of bzr. This means it works correctly when merging someone else's
  branch as well.

  The subcommand is also correctly integrated with codereview, and will
  update the latest diff if possible, before merging the branch (doesn't
  work when the codereview issue isn't owned by submitter).

- The propose command will now download the latest target branch version
  when it has to send a diff to codereview, so that it's both more
  convenient and more realistic in its diffs.

- If -cr is used once with propose to deliver the diff to codereview, it
  will be enabled automatically in the next runs for the same branch.

- -ready=false flag has been renamed to -prep=true, so that the flag may
  be more comfortably used in the positive form. This flag may be used
  to create or edit an existing proposal without delivering the review
  request (no comments added, and merge proposal stays at WIP).

  To actually deliver the proposal, just run propose again without that

- Now propose will send a "Please take a look." note to the merge
  proposal and to codereview whenever used without the new -prep flag,
  to facilitate re-review requests.

- Added support for .lbox file that provides default values for command
  line flags. The format looks like this:

       propose: -new-bug -cr

- Dropped -dry-run flag. Too easy to forget about it when writing new

Gustavo Niemeyer

-- I'm not absolutely sure of anything.

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