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> So, with precise releasing alpha1 last week, we have a bootable
> dev release that has begun to diverge from 11.10. Adam encountered a
> difference in the way rabbitmqctl works, and in fact, the new RabbitMQ has
> all kinds of cool new capabilities that the old one does not. Likewise,
> Precise has MySQL 5.5 allowing for some new functionality.
> So we need to start thinking on how we want to manage the charm collection
> across multiple releases of Ubuntu.
> Some of us have discussed this in private conversations, but I don't
> think we've ever publicly discussed how we think this should work. So
> here's the sequence of events I'd like to propose:
> [11.10 release]
> - dev work continues only on oneiric charms >
> [precise alpha 1 ]
> - open "precise" series of charms by copying all oneiric charms to
> precise.
> - Direct "dev focus" of lp:charm to precise. This means pushing to
> lp:charm/foo will now silently go to lp:charm/precise/foo.
> - Changes which are appropriate for oneiric are manually merged back to
> the oneiric charm using bzr merge. (perhaps we can automate this to one
> command similar to the 'backportpackage' command in Ubuntu)
> I'd like to repeat this workflow with similar timing for 12.04 -> 12.10
> as well.
> One can see 1 year from now where there would be
> 11.10
> 12.04
> 12.10
> R-alpha1
> This means a lot of changes will be happening 2 releases beyond the LTS,
> while most users will likely be using the LTS. I'm ok with this, but its
> worth noting. We will maintain charms the same way we do packages, where
> we'll require that charms be fixed in the dev release before any fixes
> are made in older releases. It will be a little different, as features
> will work the same way and be quite welcome in the older series releases
> (as long as they don't change the interfaces).
> If everyone is ok with that, I will open a ticket to have a launchpad
> admin run the script to open precise development (its in lp:launchpad
> under scripts/ Its kind of an irreversible thing,
> so I'd like to get people's +1's, not just any -1's.
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