Principia updated to latest Ensemble trunk.

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo.niemeyer at
Thu Apr 21 12:46:17 UTC 2011

> Short/long name right now, not much else. It puts in some dummy default
> relations for each type so users will see it and decide to delete. It also
> generates a default install hook that just installs the package. The


> My thinking is that if a debian package Suggests: or Recommends: foo ,
> and foo has a formula, its reasonable to add a 'requires' relation that
> matches up with everything foo: provides. This is a little complex though

The recommends/suggests feature is really about package/machine-level
relationships, and they won't match well into the service world of
Ensemble.    E.g.:

% apt-cache show postgresql-8.4 | grep Sug
Suggests: oidentd | ident-server

% apt-cache show mysql-server-5.1 | grep 'Sug\|Rec'
Recommends: libhtml-template-perl
Suggests: tinyca, mailx

Gustavo Niemeyer

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