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Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo.niemeyer at canonical.com
Thu Apr 14 17:12:48 UTC 2011

FWIW, the conversation with Clint followed on privately, and since
this may look a bit terse either way, I'll expand on the idea a bit
more in the public forum to see if it's sensible or not.

> Agreed, this was overly dramatic.
> That said, I'm trying to address the general reluctance to release,
> not so much the specific case of the hooks being renamed.

The Ensemble project has a couple of months of working at all, so it's
usually improper for such a young project to be put in an explicit
constraint regarding which changes will happen and where.  At this
point it's much more critical that we detect important problems and
try to fix them in a timely basis so that new users won't find them
than promising stability.  The more we wait, the more we'll have to
fix, and the more users will get confused with bad behavior or bad
conventions we introduce.  That said, this isn't a statement that
we'll break the format every week either.  To our credit, we've had
pretty much no changes in the past, with a single exception which we
talked about in this thread, and we don't envision further changes
either.  If changes are made at all, they will be debated, and the
fact we'll be breaking formulas or not we'll always be taken in

Does that sound like a more reasonable background?  Does it still feel bad?

Gustavo Niemeyer

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