Ensemble community venues

Ahmed Kamal kim0 at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 11 18:25:17 UTC 2011

On 04/11/2011 08:06 PM, Gustavo Niemeyer wrote:
> Sorry for not replying earlier.  None of these messages ever made
> into my inbox.  I seem to have some problem receiving messages
> from this list specifically, for some reason.
>> Got a couple of points to discuss
>> 1- Wrt community communication channels, may I suggest the following (if
>> it's not already the case)
>> #ubuntu-ensemble =>  For Developer discussions, core ensemble only
>> #ubuntu-cloud =>  For Ensemble "user" support and "formula writer"
> It feels like we shouldn't enforce anything at this point.  We need
> a specific channel to hold development since the volume of conversation
> would be disturbing for #ubuntu-cloud, and questions from authors and
> users of Ensemble in #ubuntu-ensemble feel quite on topic.
> That said, we'll naturally be very happy to answer questions on
> #ubuntu-cloud as well.

Great, agreed let's not enforce anything too hard atm. Would be great to 
have the ensemble team on #ubuntu-cloud (irc, and mailing list) though 
answering any potential questions. I'll mention both lists/rooms as 
available resources whenever I talk anywhere. When it will be needed, we 
can make that split more concrete in the future.

>> 2- I'd like to request holding a weekly irc meeting for the ensemble
>> team with the purpose of updating the community on the status of
> Sounds like a great idea!  Can you help us with that?
> As an idea, we already have a daily meeting to push development
> forward, so it'd be good to have you in some of those meetings
> so you can understand what's going on, and to enable you to both
> stay on top of what's happening and be able to drive such IRC
> meetings.
> The concept is good in general, but I'm afraid we don't have a regular
> community in our IRC channels to make that time
>> #ubuntu-cloud every Wed at 18:00-UTC. The reason for choosing that time,
> That's the time of our daily standup as well.  Maybe we can get rid
> of the daily standup on Wednesdays specifically, and move it to the
> IRC channel.

Can't believe I aimed at exactly the standup, perfect shot :) Great, I 
think a good plan would be as you mention to skip the standup on 
Wednesday 18:00UTC, convert that into a "mega-scrum" style meeting 
offering the wider community (me included) a higher level overview of 
ensemble development the past week, and TODO items of next week. I can 
help by committing to attend that meeting weekly, in order to be always 
updated, In case anything interesting has been accomplished, I can write 
about it and spread the news, in case something comes up that needs to 
be worked on, I can also try building buzz around it hopefully 
attracting a contributor. Sounds like a plan ? Do we start this Wed, or 
after UDS-O ?


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