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Ahmed Kamal kim0 at ubuntu.com
Fri Apr 8 16:34:47 UTC 2011

Hi Ensemble masters,

Got a couple of points to discuss

1- Wrt community communication channels, may I suggest the following (if 
it's not already the case)
#ubuntu-ensemble => For Developer discussions, core ensemble only
#ubuntu-cloud => For Ensemble "user" support and "formula writer" 
support and discussion
And the same for mailing lists (Core Dev on Ensemble 
<https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ensemble> and User/Formula 
discussion on Ubuntu-Cloud 
- Anyone interested in Ensemble, is by definition interested/using 
"cloud" since that's the primary (and currently only) deployment target
- Ensemble is at the core of Ubuntu's cloud offering, thus anyone 
interested in cloud, would most likely benefit from exposure to ensemble
- I'd like to avoid fragmenting a young community, and leverage Ubuntu's 
current reach from "ubuntucloud" channels (Twitter 
<https://twitter.com/#%21/ubuntucloud> with 2.3k followers, and Facebook 
<https://www.facebook.com/ubuntucloud> with 1k 
followers<https://twitter.com/#%21/ubuntucloud> and the ubuntu-cloud 
list with 1.1k subscribers)

2- I'd like to request holding a weekly irc meeting for the ensemble 
team with the purpose of updating the community on the status of 
ensemble (development done last week, TODO items of next week). The 
meeting would serve to keep interested community members on-top of 
happenings in the ensemble space, without having to read every commit 
..etc. As well as be a chance for project members to discuss their 
ensemble formulas, how they can contribute to various aspects of the 
project ..etc. I would like to propose the meeting be held in 
#ubuntu-cloud every Wed at 18:00-UTC. The reason for choosing that time, 
is I had already been running a weekly cloud meeting at the time, but it 
could really benefit from more content and ensemble would be great for 
that. If you guys would like to change the time though, it's not a problem

Please throw +1s -1s or rotten tomatoes :)
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