Juju GUI 0.10.1 Released

Gary Poster gary.poster at canonical.com
Tue Oct 1 23:14:41 UTC 2013

HTML version of this announcement is here:

Today we released Juju GUI 0.10.1.  This includes many fixes, listed
below, as extracted from the changelog.

 * Add icon for exporting a bundle.
 * (FIX) The GUI was unusable when cookies were turned off in your browser.
 * (CLEANUP) Use service model in ghost inspector, rather than charm
model. This is a nice cleanup and also enables a true environment-wide
“save” button in the future.
 * (FIX) The GUI was unable to deploy charms without config options.
 * (FIX) Remove unit button did not work in Juju Core.
 * (FIX) The inspector’s unit view did not update when the unit’s values
changed. Now everything except for the relations updates. Relations have
other issues that, in part, need in-progress changes in Juju Core to work.
 * (FIX) Changing settings did not work in Juju Core.
 * (FIX) Removed broken and largely unnecessary “All Notifications”
link. More, better changes will come there soon.
 * (CLEANUP) As part of bundle work, clean up some browser templates for
general improvements and for better re-use.
 * (FIX) After saving a service config, old, unchanged values would seem
to disappear, and then reappear a few seconds later.
 * (CLEANUP) Remove the serviceInspector flag code and some of the
now-irrelevant old view code.
 * (FIX) if a service is destroyed in the command line, the inspector
should close when the service disappears.
 * (FIX) subordinate charms should not show constraints and should not
seem to allow control of scaling.
 * (FIX) destroying a service would hide it too soon, causing surprises
if the destruction failed. It now disappears when it is destroyed.
 * Behind upgradeCharm feature flag, complete implementation of support
for upgrading a charm in the GUI. This will be released in 0.11, very soon.
 * Behind charmworldv3 feature flag, add more support for bundles
(model, search results, featured list, initial token, better sandbox
support, etc.).

We have not yet deployed this to jujucharms.com.


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