CI is turned on: Beware!

Gary Poster gary.poster at
Thu Mar 28 18:07:52 UTC 2013

Hi all.  I turned on continuous integration today, running against FF,
Chrome, and IE.  What does that mean?

If CI breaks on your branch, we'll get an email on this list.  Please
address it!

Notice I didn't say "fix," necessarily.  Canonistack is kind of flaky.
We will get a lot of false negatives, unfortunately.

But it is your responsibility to get Jenkins green again, either by
fixing the branch or by retrying the test.

I blogged on the experimental team micro-blog for the heck of it.  You
can also see details in the tree in docs/continuous-integration.rst .

Thanks to Jeff and Ben for their work on this.  I did some stuff too.


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