Juju GUI on-ramp and docs

Gary Poster gary.poster at canonical.com
Wed Jul 24 19:44:20 UTC 2013

Hi all.  I asked Nick for some of his time this week to talk about GUI
docs, and he kindly agreed. We had the conversation today.  The
following is a quick summary of the outcome.

Broad agreements

- We both really want docs on the GUI, and we want to emphasize the GUI
as an entry path for Juju.
- The GUI probably wants a simple in-app on-ramp for people to get
immediately productive, and then a link to fuller docs.  My
understanding is that UX (Luca/Ale) will be responsible for the on-ramp
plans, though I've asked Nick for his thoughts on what information might
be part of that on-ramp.
- For the GUI, we want docs with more of an emphasis on videos than with
the CLI.
- Nick is very busy with already-assigned tasks.  I'm very motivated to
get GUI user docs.  We want to figure out a way to get GUI docs and take
advantage of Nick's expertise without unduly weighing him down with more
- At my request, Nick is willing to act as editor to our documentation
efforts: outlining goals, reviewing plans, and polishing final output.
We hope that will be a good way to move forward within Nick's time

Specific actions

- Nick plans to deliver a quick outline of what he thinks the GUI docs
might look like, as well as his ideas on what information might be part
of a GUI on-ramp, by Wednesday of next week.
- Nick will also review our most recent video
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2H3fat0K5w) and give us advice and
feedback, perhaps at the same time.
- The GUI and UX teams will review Nick's plans, and Ale, Luca, and I
(and whoever else would like to participate--Mark or Antonio?) will
discuss at Isle of Man.  The goal will be to agree on a rough timeline
of the GUI team producing material drafts for Nick to review, on the
basis of his outline.
- After one or more draft review cycles, we'd start getting material
online, probably on the same doc site as the rest of the Juju docs, as
quickly and as iteratively as possible.

Sound good to everyone, especially Antonio, Mark and Ale?



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