Jujucharms.com deployment

Jonathan Sackett jonathan.sackett at canonical.com
Tue Jul 16 14:26:31 UTC 2013

Hi all--

With the exception of the possible new content for a future
jujucharms.comlanding page (and the included work of updating the
landing page view
that's currently hidden in jujugui), we're set for a jujucharms.comdeployment.

This consists of three things:

-Sandbox mode being on
-The default view mode being fullscreen
-The Logout control replaced with Get Juju link

You can create a deployment like this with the following config.yaml:

  sandbox: true
  default-viewmode: 'fullscreen'
  show-get-juju-button: true

Until we make a release, you'll also want to deploy from lp:juju-gui,
rather than the stable release.

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