mysql category, apache icon

Gary Poster gary.poster at
Mon Jul 8 13:29:02 UTC 2013

Hi Antonio.  In browsing around on the GUI today, I noticed that mysql
didn't show up in the "database" category, and that apache2 had a
bad/missing icon.  I'll create a bug to see if we can prevent bad icons
from breaking the GUI presentation in the future, but for OSCON, it
would be great if those two items could be addressed.

Relatedly, it might be great to do some exploratory testing very early
next week in the charm browser to make sure our data and presentation
are what we want.  We ought to explore in categories in particular--I
don't think that the GUI team is actively using that as much as the
basic browse and search functions in the charm browser.  Would you all
be willing and able to help with that testing?

Thank you!


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