charm browser/GUI UX issues from usage

Gary Poster gary.poster at
Mon Jul 8 13:22:30 UTC 2013

Hi Luca and Alejandra.  I'm very happy with how things are developing as
we lead up to OSCON.  Thank you very much for all your great work.  I
have two quick pieces of feedback about the charm browser, if you want
to integrate it or just file it away for user testing fodder.

First, if you start in the sidebar, click on a category, and then do a
search, you are searching within the category.  That makes sense in
retrospect, but you can't see anything alerting you of that unless you
expand the filter section or look at the URL.  That confused me for a
few seconds when I was using the application.  In the future, I'd like
to see a summary of the filters in the same sort of way that Luca has a
summary of the constraints when you first scale up, or something similar.

Second, I already expressed some concern to you about the browse/build
presentation.  I think the modal idea is good but I find the way it is
currently presented to be unclear (especially the words used, "browse"
and "build").  I would be interested in trying to make the modal
distinction focused on the difference between viewing and hiding the
canvas/environment, for instance.  Your position has been that the
meaning can be discovered in exploration, which I acknowledge.  The only
new item in our discussion is that someone on the GUI team independently
expressed confusion about the new UX here, which increased my
awareness/concern.  Perhaps user testing will reveal the current
approach to be sufficiently clear for new users, though.

Thank you!


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