Juju GUI User Feedback

Antonio Rosales antonio.rosales at canonical.com
Thu Feb 28 16:57:56 UTC 2013

On 2/28/13 3:21 AM, Nick Boettcher wrote:
> Hey Antonio
> Thanks for collating this feedback and passing it on. We are already
> trying to tackle some of these for the immediate future but we'll be
> addressing all of them as we look towards 13.10.

Great to hear I just wanted to log this feedback for tracking. Good to
hear this is in plan for 13.10.


> On 28/02/2013 07:42, Antonio Rosales wrote:
>> I have been collecting some user feedback and wanted to share it with
>> the team.
>>    -From the canvas when I click to "view" a service, and then click on
>> the unit I lose the menu to navigate to other aspects of the service.
>> Thus, I end up going back to the canvas and clicking on the "view" for
>> the given service.  It would be nice to keep the service navigation menu.
>>    -Also clicking on "Charm" in the navigation bar after selecting to
>> "view" a service from the canvas loses the navigation. I have to go
>> back to the canvas and select the "view" service to look at other
>> attributes if I choose to navigate to the "charm."
>>    -From the canvas when I click to "view" a service, and then click on
>> the unit the "public address" for canonistack is not filled in after
>> exposing the service and getting a public URL. I do see it in the
>> header, but it should also be in the table next to public address,
>> correct? Also in the same context (viewing a unit details) I do not
>> find in the table if the service is exposed or not, and in this view
>> the toggle expose "on/off" is not available.  It would be nice to see
>> the expose status clearly in the table under public address.
>> Furthermore, in this view (unit details) the open ports are only in
>> the header should these also be in the table?
>>    -How do I clear alerts?  I deployed a mysql service with wordpress,
>> and then tried to deploy a mysql service with thinkup, but forgot to
>> give the 2nd mysql service a unique name and I rightfully got an
>> error, which I corrected.  However the "Alert" at the top still showed
>> red, and did not give me the option to take action on it. If I repeat
>> this exercise I get repeating growl notifications as an added bonus.

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