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Fri Feb 22 22:54:22 UTC 2013

Service Update Notification
Dear active Sauce user,

After a considerable period of investigation and bug fixing in
collaboration with the Selenium project and the
Legion of the Bouncy Castle,
we are happy to announce we're moving to Selenium 2.30.0 as the default version
in our service. You can find more details about this release in the
official changelog.
This transition is scheduled for Friday, March 1st. In the
meantime, we advise you to try your tests on this new version by adding the
following key-value to your tests' Desired Capabilities:
"selenium-version": "2.30.0"
If you see any issues after moving over to this new version, we definitely
want to hear about it. And remember, once we move everyone to 2.30.0, you can
still keep your tests on our previous default version (Selenium 2.18.0)
as well as any other official release by using the selenium-version capability outlined above.
For more details on this, you can
check out our docs.

Happy Testing!

The Sauce Labs ninjas

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