announcing Juju Gui move to Github

Richard Harding rick.harding at
Fri Dec 6 18:32:00 UTC 2013

 wanted to announce to the team that work on the Juju Gui source code has
moved to Github [1]. I've updated the HACKING [2] doc to walk new users
through the git commands needed to get started and submit branches for code
review. Please give it a look over.

For the team, I've also added a Gist [3] with some useful notes and a walk
through of the proposed work flow. It contains a couple of helpful git
links and a chunk of my own `.gitconfig` which I use to help shortcut some
things. Please feel free to fork and update the Gist with your own
and tips.

CI is currently done on a jenkins instance [4] that we've setup. The
walk you through submitting to CI. Landing is done via CI and users are NOT
use the built in Github merge button themselves. If you run into trouble
landing, please get in touch with me and I can help work through any

We'll be working through ramping up everyone on this through the week and
please don't hesitate to ask any questions or propose any changes.



Rick Harding

Cloud Engineering

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