charm search discussion from IRC of "awesome first 30 minutes" vUDS session

Gary Poster gary.poster at
Thu Aug 29 17:11:23 UTC 2013

Heart of it:

Nate (Juju core engineer) reports that...
- incremental search improves current charm search a lot
- [not in conversation, but Gary really wants the "deploy" button in
those fast results, per UX!]
- we should consider including README text in searches, or doing other
things to make charm searches fuzzier
- showing results in drop down is odd to him
- user is eager for us to remove filters (JC is working on this IIRC)

Edited details for the seriously interested:

<natefinch> arosales: searching on jujucharms is kinda poor... it's easy
to think there's no charm for something if you don't type your search
exactly right
<natefinch> arosales: cool.... one thing that would make a big
difference is just not filtering by defaulty
<gary_poster> natefinch, try for me
and give me thoughts on that search?
<natefinch> gary_poster: looks better... it's a little odd that search
results are in a dropdown... but not just a list of charms
<natefinch> gary_poster: but definitely much better
<natefinch> gary_poster: false positives are way better than false
negartives [this was in response to my observation in hangout that we
were not including the README text in searches]
<natefinch> gary_poster: I know if something is not right, I can't know
if something didn't show up
<gary_poster> natefinch ack and thanks very much.  I'll share the feedback.
<natefinch> gary_poster: thanks for listening :)
<natefinch> gary_poster: not entirely happy that the filters are hidden
by default... it wasn't clear my search results were being filtered
<natefinch> gary_poster: maybe some visual indication that the filter if
excluding things
<natefinch> gary_poster: if the filter is excluding things that is
<gary_poster> natefinch, ack.  good news is that filter will go away and
instead we will always show reviewed charms above unreviewed charms,
with no other filters.  We will add filters back when we think they add
more value.  However, the filter will still exclude unreviewed charms
from fast search: they will only show up when you get the full list
<natefinch> gary_poster: awesome, that sounds perfect


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