bundle urls from charmworld staging

Gary Poster gary.poster at canonical.com
Wed Aug 28 13:10:42 UTC 2013

For people thinking of connecting charmworld's bundle data to the GUI,
on Monday or Tuesday (the days have blurred together a bit) Brad gave me
a list of example URLs to look at from staging.

If we use API 3 we will get bundles, and if we use API 2 we will not.
We can use that distinction for implementing the feature flag.

This is the full JSON data for a bundle.


 * The output includes the deployer information, in "data."

 * Note that the permanent_url has a "jc" prefix
(jc:~abentley/wiki-bundle/1/wiki).  This is in contrast to the "cs"
prefix for charms.  I am told that "jc" stands for "juju charms".  I'd
like to improve this.  Alternatives like "bs" ("bundle store") and "ss"
("stack store") are problematic, for scatalogical and historical
reasons, respectively.  I currently lean towards "jb" for "juju bundle".

 * The output does not yet include lp branch links, but bac will be
adding that soon.

This URL is only the deployer information, in JSON format (note that
there is no YAML output at this time, or immediately planned, though it
would probably be relatively easy; for our in-browser uses, I trust JSON
more, so I like this).  It can be used directly by the deployer.


This URL is the human-readable web page of the data:


This URL is the LP data:


The "-bundle" in the example adds an unnecessary third "bundle" string
in there: that can be any name (like "mediawiki" or similar).  The last
"bundle" string could be migrated to "trunk" if we had a migration to
change both charmworld (trivial) and the charm store (probably
relatively trivial).

Relatedly to all of the above, Brad or someone will be adding URLs to
serve bundle svgs and READMEs very soon.

I think that should be sufficient for what we need now with GUI bundle
support.  If not, we'll adjust.

Thanks for reading!


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