jujucharms SEO plans

Gary Poster gary.poster at canonical.com
Fri Aug 9 07:23:06 UTC 2013

Hi all.  We have concrete SEO plans, approved with Mark Ramm.  Thank you
to him and Curtis for guiding them.

They are part of the August doc I showed before
 This will be a bit bigger than I planned as well, but hopefully not too
big.  I still need to adjust the schedule for it today.

The CLI task is going to be huuuuge. :-P  I'll hopefully be able to
write that up for everyone today too.  In terms of schedule, it means we
are going to push Environment Power Tools way out.  Containerization &
colocation is still *roughly* on schedule.  Maybe that will go faster
than I planned and we can deliver some other cool stuff too.

Thanks all.


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