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Rick Harding rick.harding at
Thu Aug 8 19:15:20 UTC 2013

On Thu, 08 Aug 2013, Gary Poster wrote:

> Hey Huw.  Sorry our call was shortened Thursday.  My network failed for
> some reason.  It's been flaky here.
> Rick landed autocomplete.  Could you tweak the styling, please?  The
> design is here:
> The behavior is behind the "ac" feature flag.
> Details:
> - Spacing, font size, and horizontal lines need to be adjusted.
> - Particularly notice the darker line between categories and charms
> (search for "ap" to see what I mean).
> - Please remove the "recommended" star.  All autocomplete charm results
> are recommended, so it is unnecessary.
> - Don't worry about the "add to canvas button" for now.
> - We know we don't have the "search the canvas" functionality. :-)
> Thank you!
> (Rick, if you want to do this yourself, and then remove the feature flag
> to expose this behavior, we have Luca's blessing.  Good job, thanks!)
> Gary

I've started a branch to work on it here:


I've removed the 'reviewed' start and I've added the border bottom and some
rules to prevent the last one from adding the border. I've also added some
logic to put a special css class on the last category that's suggested. I'm
hitting EOD so I need to come back at it with tests for the new logic.

The only part that I'm not sure how we can do is that the border at the end
of the category suggestions can't be 100% width since they're drawn the
same as the other options. There's a padding on the yui3-aclist-item that
we'd have to pull off, but then all of the borders would go 100% width.
Maybe Huw has an idea or maybe we can move forward with a darker/thicker
border without it reaching 100% across.


Rick Harding

Cloud Engineering

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