April Newsletter: Travis CI for Mac and iOS, Automated Testing with modern.IE, and More

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As longtime fans and users of Travis CI (https://travis-ci.org/), we love the service it provides for open source projects. So it’s our pleasure to let you know we donated a slice of our Mac cloud to power Travis CI for OS X builds. The Travis CI team (http://about.travis-ci.org/blog/introducing-mac-ios-rubymotion-testing/) has done a great job making the OS X and iOS integration as simple as possible, and we’re working with them to also make Mac builds available for private repositories. Read more » (http://sauceio.com/index.php/2013/04/travis-ci-for-os-x-and-ios-powered-by-sauce/)
Automated Testing with modern.IE, powered by Sauce Labs

We’re excited to announce we’ve teamed up with Internet Explorer to bring our automated testing service to modern.IE. Their Compactor Inspector tool, now powered by Sauce’s infrastructure, allows you to automatically scan your website for common compatibility issues that often result from building for newer versions of IE. Read more » (http://sauceio.com/index.php/2013/04/check-ie-compatibility-issues-with-sauce-labs-modern-ie/)

Live Share Now Available for Sauce Manual Sessions

Ever wished you could share live browser sessions with your co-workers using Manual Sauce? Now you can with Live Share, a new feature that lets you send your current, live browser sessions with the click of a button. Your co-workers will be able to join your session to not only see your browser, but also collaborate on real time debugging.  Read more » (http://sauceio.com/index.php/2013/03/share-your-live-interactive-browser-sessions-with-co-workers/)

Upcoming Events
Robot Workshop (http://tapsterhackathon.eventbrite.com/), 4/17
New York, NY

STPCon (http://www.stpcon.com/Session/125/But-I-Know-what-I-Like---Abstraction-is-the-Key-to-Automation), 4/22-25
San Diego, CA

GTAC (https://developers.google.com/google-test-automation-conference/), 4/22-24
New York, NY

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