Raring series environments will be supported in the 1.9.8

David Cheney david.cheney at canonical.com
Thu Feb 7 04:50:54 UTC 2013

Apart from a minor issue with not having any raring series charms, this 
appears to be working fine.

lucky(~/src/launchpad.net/juju-core) % juju status -v
2013/02/07 15:49:22 JUJU environs/ec2: opening environment "ap-southeast-2"
2013/02/07 15:49:23 JUJU environs/ec2: waiting for DNS name(s) of state 
server instances [i-14f2ce2e]
2013/02/07 15:49:24 JUJU state: opening state; mongo addresses: 
["ec2-54-252-7-172.ap-southeast-2.compute.amazonaws.com:37017"]; entity ""
2013/02/07 15:49:25 JUJU state: connecting to
2013/02/07 15:49:25 JUJU state: connection established
     agent-version: 1.9.8
     dns-name: ec2-54-252-7-172.ap-southeast-2.compute.amazonaws.com
     instance-id: i-14f2ce2e
     dns-name: ec2-54-252-31-25.ap-southeast-2.compute.amazonaws.com
     instance-id: i-e6f3cfdc
     charm: cs:precise/wordpress-10
     exposed: false
         machine: "1"
         status: pending
lucky(~/src/launchpad.net/juju-core) % juju ssh 1 -- cat /etc/lsb-release
Warning: Permanently added 
(ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu Raring Ringtail (development branch)"

On 07/02/13 14:07, David Cheney wrote:
> Just testing now, deploying agents takes much longer because the raring
> images are always stale. I am having a few permission problems with the
> public bucket, but Raring should be supported in this release.
> Dave

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