[ubuntu/jaunty-security] linux-meta, linux-meta (delayed) (Accepted)

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Thu Jun 3 08:03:26 BST 2010

linux-meta ( jaunty-security; urgency=low

  * Bump ABI to 19 for security kernel

Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 11:42:09 +0200
Changed-By: Stefan Bader <stefan.bader at canonical.com>
Maintainer: Ubuntu Kernel Team <kernel-team at lists.ubuntu.com>
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Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 11:42:09 +0200
Source: linux-meta
Binary: linux linux-source linux-image linux-restricted-modules linux-backports-modules-jaunty linux-doc linux-crashdump linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic linux-restricted-modules-generic linux-generic linux-backports-modules-jaunty-generic linux-headers-imx51 linux-image-imx51 linux-imx51 linux-backports-modules-jaunty-imx51 linux-headers-iop32x linux-image-iop32x linux-iop32x linux-backports-modules-jaunty-iop32x linux-headers-ixp4xx linux-image-ixp4xx linux-ixp4xx linux-backports-modules-jaunty-ixp4xx linux-headers-lpia linux-image-lpia linux-restricted-modules-lpia linux-lpia linux-backports-modules-jaunty-lpia linux-headers-server linux-image-server linux-restricted-modules-server linux-server linux-backports-modules-jaunty-server linux-headers-versatile linux-image-versatile linux-versatile linux-backports-modules-jaunty-versatile linux-headers-virtual linux-image-virtual linux-virtual linux-backports-modules-jaunty-virtual
Architecture: source
Distribution: jaunty-security
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu Kernel Team <kernel-team at lists.ubuntu.com>
Changed-By: Stefan Bader <stefan.bader at canonical.com>
 linux      - Generic complete Linux kernel.
 linux-backports-modules-jaunty - Generic Linux backported drivers.
 linux-backports-modules-jaunty-generic - Backported drivers for generic kernel image
 linux-backports-modules-jaunty-imx51 - Backported drivers for Versatile-based systems systems kernel ima
 linux-backports-modules-jaunty-iop32x - Backported drivers for IOP32x-based systems kernel image
 linux-backports-modules-jaunty-ixp4xx - Backported drivers for IXP4xx-based systems kernel image
 linux-backports-modules-jaunty-lpia - Backported drivers for lpia kernel image
 linux-backports-modules-jaunty-server - Backported drivers for server kernel image
 linux-backports-modules-jaunty-versatile - Backported drivers for Versatile-based systems kernel image
 linux-backports-modules-jaunty-virtual - Backported drivers for virtual kernel image
 linux-crashdump - Linux kernel crashdump setup for the latest generic kernel
 linux-doc  - Linux kernel documentation
 linux-generic - Complete Generic Linux kernel
 linux-headers-generic - Generic Linux kernel headers
 linux-headers-imx51 - Versatile-based systems systems Linux kernel headers
 linux-headers-iop32x - IOP32x-based systems Linux kernel headers
 linux-headers-ixp4xx - IXP4xx-based systems Linux kernel headers
 linux-headers-lpia - Generic Linux kernel headers
 linux-headers-server - Linux kernel headers on Server Equipment.
 linux-headers-versatile - Versatile-based systems systems Linux kernel headers
 linux-headers-virtual - Linux kernel headers for virtual machines
 linux-image - Generic Linux kernel image.
 linux-image-generic - Generic Linux kernel image
 linux-image-imx51 - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.28 on I.MX51-based systems
 linux-image-iop32x - IOP32x-based systems Linux kernel image
 linux-image-ixp4xx - IXP4xx-based systems Linux kernel image
 linux-image-lpia - Generic Linux kernel image
 linux-image-server - Linux kernel image on Server Equipment.
 linux-image-versatile - Versatile-based systems systems Linux kernel image
 linux-image-virtual - Linux kernel image for virtual machines
 linux-imx51 - Complete Versatile-based systems Linux kernel
 linux-iop32x - Complete IOP32x-based systems Linux kernel
 linux-ixp4xx - Complete IXP4xx-based systems Linux kernel
 linux-lpia - Complete Generic Linux kernel
 linux-restricted-modules - Generic Linux restricted modules.
 linux-restricted-modules-generic - Restricted Linux modules for generic kernels
 linux-restricted-modules-lpia - Restricted Linux modules for lpia kernels
 linux-restricted-modules-server - Restricted Linux modules for server kernels
 linux-server - Complete Linux kernel on Server Equipment.
 linux-source - Linux kernel source with Ubuntu patches
 linux-versatile - Complete Versatile-based systems systems Linux kernel
 linux-virtual - Complete Linux kernel for virtual machines
 linux-meta ( jaunty-security; urgency=low
   * Bump ABI to 19 for security kernel
 df26ef3eda76fb9caf5f9f9ec1a41d334d5efefd 1860 linux-meta_2.
 7ae8d8b4a84ddb1c85e1b3a1ac28df69c668a66c 5528 linux-meta_2.
 d5739dbee79063e0d567f3be66e59950c6c10ab03cd594e117e2ff2f0ad58dc2 1860 linux-meta_2.
 b97e5ba0de56bfe8f30c1c8a4b09233f06d4f7f0609f44f9acb0446916322a34 5528 linux-meta_2.
 1cd92523f6bf1d685b9089500061e024 1860 devel optional linux-meta_2.
 7dc642ce76009b1dee55366ac7162299 5528 devel optional linux-meta_2.

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