[ubuntu/jammy-security] linux-nvidia-tegra-igx 5.15.0-1008.8 (Accepted)

Andy Whitcroft apw at canonical.com
Wed Jan 31 09:27:43 UTC 2024

linux-nvidia-tegra-igx (5.15.0-1008.8) jammy; urgency=medium

  * jammy/linux-nvidia-tegra-igx: 5.15.0-1008.8 -proposed tracker (LP: #2049526)

  * apply nvidia-tegra patches 2024 Jan 1-15 (LP: #2049536)
    - [Config] linux-nvidia-tegra-igx: Set CONFIG_OPTEE=y and CONFIG_TEE=y
    - [Packaging] Out-of-tree Tegra modules are now built via separate source
    - [Packaging] Remove out-of-tree Tegra modules from ABI

  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - debian/dkms-versions -- update from kernel-versions (main/d2024.01.02)

  [ Ubuntu: 5.15.0-1021.21 ]

  * jammy/linux-nvidia-tegra: 5.15.0-1021.21 -proposed tracker (LP: #2049525)
  * apply nvidia-tegra patches 2024 Jan 1-15 (LP: #2049536)
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: mmc: host: restrict min clk rate to 20MHz
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: arm64: configs: enable PCIe ethernet
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: mmc: sdhci-tegra: do not set padpipe_clk_override
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: arm64: configs: Sanitize defconfig
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: clocksource/drivers/timer-tegra186: add WDIOC_GETTIMELEFT
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: clocksource/drivers/timer-tegra186: fix watchdog self-
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: arm64: configs: enable CONFIG_DMI
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: mmc: sdhci-tegra: Enable wake on SD card event
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: mmc: core: Update bus status on sd card removal
    - [Config] Re-enable CONFIG_DMI
  * apply nvidia igx patches for Nov 29 - Dec 8 2023 (LP: #2046011)
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: arm64: configs: disable pps debug config
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: net: phy: aquantia: Poll for valid FW ID.
  * apply nvidia igx patches for Oct 19 - Nov 28 2023 (LP: #2045080)
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: arm64: configs: Sanitize arm64 defconfig
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: arm64: configs: enable cfs bandwidth for k8s
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: arm64: config: Disable DMI config
  * apply nvidia igx patches for Sep 20-29 (LP: #2038165)
    - drm/format-helper: Add drm_fb_xrgb8888_to_rgb332()
    - drm/format-helper: Add drm_fb_xrgb8888_to_rgb888()
    - drm/gud: Add GUD_PIXEL_FORMAT_R8
    - drm/gud: Add GUD_PIXEL_FORMAT_RGB332
    - drm/gud: Add GUD_PIXEL_FORMAT_RGB888
    - drm/format-helper: Export drm_fb_clip_offset()
    - drm/format-helper: Rework format-helper memcpy functions
    - drm/format-helper: Add destination-buffer pitch to drm_fb_swab()
    - drm/format-helper: Rework format-helper conversion functions
    - drm/format-helper: Streamline blit-helper interface
    - drm/simpledrm: Enable FB_DAMAGE_CLIPS property
    - drm/simpledrm: Support virtual screen sizes
    - drm/format-helper: Add drm_fb_xrgb8888_to_xrgb2101010_toio()
    - drm/simpledrm: Add [AX]RGB2101010 formats
    - drm/simpledrm: Request memory region in driver
    - drm/format-helper: Add drm_fb_xrgb8888_to_gray8_line()
    - drm/format-helper: Add drm_fb_xrgb8888_to_mono_reversed()
    - drm/repaper: Use format helper for xrgb8888 to monochrome conversion
    - drm/simpledrm: Use fbdev defaults for shadow buffering
    - drm/format-helper: Rename drm_fb_xrgb8888_to_mono_reversed()
    - drm/format-helper: Fix XRGB888 to monochrome conversion
    - drm/format_helper: fix a kernel-doc typo
    - drm/format-helper: Print warning on missing format conversion
    - drm/format-helper: Add RGB888-to-XRGB8888 conversion
    - drm/format-helper: Add RGB565-to-XRGB8888 conversion
    - drm/format-helper: Implement drm_fb_swab() with per-line helpers
    - drm/format-helper: Remove optional byte-swap from line convertion
    - drm/format-helper: Unify the parameters of all per-line conversion helpers
    - drm/format-helper: Share implementation among conversion helpers
    - drm/atomic-helper: Add helper drm_atomic_helper_check_crtc_state()
    - drm/fourcc: Add drm_format_info_bpp() helper
    - drm/format-helper: Fix endianness in drm_fb_*_to_*() conversion helpers
    - drm/simpledrm: Remove mem field from device structure
    - drm/simpledrm: Inline device-init helpers
    - drm/simpledrm: Remove pdev field from device structure
    - drm/simpledrm: Compute framebuffer stride if not set
    - drm/simpledrm: Convert to atomic helpers
    - drm/format-helper: Provide drm_fb_blit()
    - drm/format-helper: Add drm_fb_build_fourcc_list() helper
    - drm/simpledrm: Compute linestride with drm_format_info_min_pitch()
    - drm/simpledrm: Use drm_atomic_get_new_plane_state()
    - drm/simpledrm: Remove !fb check from atomic_update
    - drm/simpledrm: Iterate over damage clips
    - drm/simpledrm: Synchronize access to GEM BOs
    - drm/simpledrm: Set preferred depth from format of scanout buffer
    - drm/simpledrm: Use struct iosys_map consistently
    - drm/simpledrm: Add support for system memory framebuffers
    - drm/simpledrm: Fix an NULL vs IS_ERR() bug
  * apply nvidia igx patches for Aug 29 - Sep 19 (LP: #2036672)
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: arm64: configs: Sanitize arm64 defconfig
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: arch: arm64: enable FB_SIMPLE config
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: (no-up) mm: mprotect: Avoid write-fault handler for dirty
      written PTEs
  * Apply 2023-07-20 + 2023-07-31 IGX PRs from NVIDIA (LP: #2029295)
    - SAUCE: arm64: defconfig: enable CONFIG_ISO9660_FS
  * apply nvidia-tegra patches for Jan 16 (LP: #2049530)
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: tegra-epl: Set handshake retry count to 20
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: tegra-epl: publish kernel pm state to FSI
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: tegra-epl: Set default handshake retry count to 25
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: arm64: configs: enable pps client configs
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: arm64: configs: enable NTFS fs
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: Revert "mmc: host: Apply post auto-tuning correction"
  * jammy/linux-realtime: 5.15.0-1053.59 -proposed tracker (LP: #2048594)
  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - [Packaging] remove helper scripts
  * jammy/linux: 5.15.0-92.102 -proposed tracker (LP: #2048614)
  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - [Packaging] resync git-ubuntu-log
  * CVE-2024-0193
    - netfilter: nf_tables: skip set commit for deleted/destroyed sets
  * CVE-2023-6040
    - netfilter: nf_tables: Reject tables of unsupported family
  * CVE-2023-6606
    - smb: client: fix OOB in smbCalcSize()
  * CVE-2023-6817
    - netfilter: nft_set_pipapo: skip inactive elements during set walk
  * CVE-2023-6932
    - ipv4: igmp: fix refcnt uaf issue when receiving igmp query packet
  * CVE-2023-6931
    - perf/core: Add a new read format to get a number of lost samples
    - perf: Fix perf_event_validate_size()
    - perf: Fix perf_event_validate_size() lockdep splat

Date: 2024-01-19 21:04:13.781839+00:00
Changed-By: Jacob Martin <jacob.martin at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Andy Whitcroft <apw at canonical.com>
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